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Economically built engineered steel buildings for business, retail or farm
Comprehensive project management sees your building from concept to construction
We work with you to create farm structure solutions of any size
Energy efficient buildings designed and engineered to your specifications and built with superior construction

Manitoba and Saskatchewan’s best choice in Post Frame, Stud Frame and Pre-Engineered Steel building construction.

Cold Storage to Shops, Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings to Barns. Nodaco Building Solutions is Saskatchewan and Manitoba’s best choice in Commercial, Agricultural, Post Frame, Wood Frame and Pre-Engineered Steel building construction.

Nodaco works closely with a team of customer service representatives, certified engineers, and trustworthy crews, from Concrete, to Erection, right through to expert Finishing. Nodaco will ensure that whether it’s Post Frame, Stud Frame, or Pre-Engineered Steel Construction,  your finished building will always meet your needs and objectives. Our team will ensure your project is built with quality and on-time delivery.

Advanced computer-aided design & engineering expertise

If your building requires certified design or engineering, we will provide these services. Our engineers, and drafting technicians use advanced, computer-aided design systems that help you plan a functional, energy-efficient space.

Service, resources and experience - down to the last detail

We have the experience, and resources to bring your vision to reality. We know that our attention to detail, high quality, expertise, and dedication to meeting our customers' individual building needs will make us construction industry leaders. Our constant drive enables us to take the best there is to offer and make it even better.

Highly specialized crews, safe & efficient construction

Once your plans are finalized, our highly specialized construction crews—utilizing the most efficient and safe construction methods possible—will erect your building from concrete to cabinetry. Nodaco will coordinate and manage all subcontractors and oversee their work to the last detail.